Your Four Legged Friend Could be Making You Antibiotic Resistant

March 21, 2023 10:30 am in by
Stock Photo ID: 1688722255 Zhuravlev Andrey

You’ve heard about swine and bird flu, but have you heard about pet flu?

Scientists from Charité University Hospital Berlin, have studied more than 2,800 patients and their furry friends and have found that, our pets are potential carriers of multidrug-resistant organisms or ‘MDROs’.

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What has doctors most concerned is that the microbes that pets carry can evolve to be come resistant to the antibiotics that are made to cure them.

While current transmission numbers are low, that fact that it’s possible that humans can catch these organisms from our pets is concerning.

But I don’t know about you, I personally can’t wait to chuck a sickie and use the excuse that ‘my cat gave me their tummy bug’.