Netflix Crashes: “Sorry Netflix, It’s You, Not Me”

December 12, 2023 11:08 am in by

Well, it seems even Netflix, the titan of online streaming, isn’t immune to a good old-fashioned technical hiccup. Picture the scene: thousands of eager binge-watchers, ready for their daily fix of “Stranger Things” or “The Crown”, only to be met with a pesky network error message.

The drama unfolded just as the clock struck 5:52 p.m. ET, with Downdetector, the internet’s version of a digital detective, lighting up with over 17,000 error reports by 6:22 p.m. ET. Users, left twiddling their thumbs, reported their smart TVs acting, well, not so smart. Instead of streaming their favourite shows, TVs were stuck in a seeming endless loop of network checks and broadband speed tests. It’s almost like they were auditioning for a role in “Groundhog Day”.

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Netflix, ever the professional, was quick to apologise and assured viewers that their top-notch team of engineers was on the case. The cause of this digital blunder? As elusive as the final season of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

However, let’s not forget that even the mighty Netflix, like any other online service, can stumble upon a technical gremlin. We’re all still recovering from the delay in the livestream of the “Love Is Blind” reunion earlier this year – a delay brought about by an innocent system tweak. So, fellow Netflix devotees, let’s switch off and switch back on again, sit back, and hope our beloved streaming service returns to its high-performing self soon.