Meet Your new Cat Overlords Watching Your Every Move

scmcrocodile cat

Ever think your cat is out to get you, that they’re watching your every move?

If so, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit paranoid in this store.

Twitter user SCMcrocodile has posted photos of his friend’s shop where he modified the ceiling so his cats could watch him during the day.

Sweet huh?

Except looking at these photos, it seems like the cats are monitoring his every move and making notes for his next performance review. And you can tell it won’t be good!

scmcrocodile cat3

In the replies, SCMcrocodile posted a photo of a messy apartment, with the caption translated as: “This is when the meal time is delayed.”

Might be better to stick to visiting a cat cafe where you’re the one doing the watching!

Images: SCMcrocodile