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Bunker errors unavoidable, says Greenberg


NRL boss Todd Greenberg says he can't "sugar-coat" the recent spate of bunker blunders and that his team of video officials simply need to be better.

The Warriors were denied a try against Newcastle on Saturday when the bunker overturned an on-field ruling, despite replays clearly showing winger Ken Maumalo planting the ball down.

That came less than a week after NRL head of elite football Graham Annesley described the officiating in round 15 as "sloppy".

"There have been some errors our match officials have made - I can't sugar-coat it," Greenberg said on Monday.

"We don't want to see errors but in saying that we are dealing with human beings so errors will happen from time to time.

"But one error is too many."

Greenberg said there was nothing wrong with the centralised officiating system and described the technology as world's best practice.

But the human element of the system means it could never be fool-proof, he said.

"This is about when you put people in charge of making decisions, really, really difficult ones, occasionally they will get some wrong," he said.

"It's no different to a player who doesn't want to drop a ball or miss a tackle but one mistake is one too many."

Greenberg said hard work and training was all that could be done to improve the system and didn't feel constant criticism was helpful.

"I know the coaching staff and match officials are doing a enormous amount of work to improve their performance and they will be doing that again this week but clearly they need to be better," he said.

"We have to hold them to account and help them get better.

"Bashing them week in and week out probably isn't going to help their performance."

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