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Planned burn at Toomulla tomorrow to control invasive weeds


A planned burn will take place at Toomulla tomorrow as Townsville City Council finalises preparations ahead of the wet season.

Councillor Maurie Soars says the burn will help control invasive weeds on Council-owned land. 

“The area…is primarily used as a water treatment evaporation pond, with the fire helping in managing vegetation and allowing the pond to operate more efficiently,” Councillor Soars says.

“The burn will cover just under a hectare of land and will be conducted by Council crews from 4pm and into the early evening, subject to favourable weather conditions.”

He says impacts from the fire should will be minimal. 

“The controlled burn…should not pose too much of an inconvenience to those in the area, however we ask the community to take precautions if they have a medical condition which can be exacerbated by smoke.”

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