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Pilots praised for bring Townsville families back together in tough times



Pilots are being thanked for donating their time and aircraft to help reunite families separated by the on-going border closures.

Angel flight has transported around twenty across the country over the past few weeks - including a 9-year-old child who was staying with their grandparents down south, back to his parents in Townsville.

CEO Marjorie Pagani has praised their volunteers, who also have to go through exemptions and testing processes themselves, all to help those in need.

“They (pilots) happily do it to reunite the people, and anybody who saw the footage of little Memphis running across the tarmac to his mum, if that didn’t break your heart, you don’t have a heart

“One lady we were able to get her there to see her dying mum, and literally she said her mum hang on, and as she got there and sat down and held her hand, her mum died,” Ms Pagani said.


Image via Angel Flight website