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KAP wants youth crime prioritised in state budget


A North Queensland MP is calling for “significant” investment to end the youth crime “nightmare” when the state budget is handed down tomorrow.

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto is asking the Treasurer to set money aside for a trial of the Katter Australian Party’s relocation sentencing policy.

Under his proposal, juvenile offenders would be sent to a remote location to do their detention, living in donga-styled housing. 

He says they would work and learning new skills in a bid to break the cycle of crime they are involved in. 

“What we keep hearing is these types of programs – where children sent to the bush to do there sentencing – don’t work.

“That just isn’t true.

“If the government could put some money towards this – at least for a trial – we would be able to prove that it would work and that is would reduce crime in the north.”

Mr Dametto acknowledges the introduction of changes to the Youth Justice Bill in April, but he says more needs to be done to deter children from committing crimes.

But he fears the State Government will favour projects in the south east corner, particularly with the 2032 Olympic Games looking like it will be held in Brisbane. 

The chronic crime in the north of the state must be a priority for the Palaszczuk Government, he says.

Marine infrastructure

Mr Dametto also sees funding for marine and tourism infrastructure as a priority when the state hands down its finances.

He hopes there is money to grow important ecotourism trails, such as the Paluma to Wallaman Falls Trail.

A rockwall needs to be built at Dungeness, in Lucinda, to stop the spit from erosion, Mr Dametto says, as well as boat ramp upgrades at Forest Beach.