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13yr old boy killed in alleged stolen car crash in Bowen


A teenage boy has tragically died in a firey crash in Bowen early this morning, with investigators alleging the car involved was stolen.

Police say the vehicle flipped before bursting into flames, near the intersection of King Street and Queens Road, at around 6.45am.

The 13-year-old driver, a boy from Bowen, and 14-year-old Sarina boy, who was in the passenger seat, both became trapped in the car.

Witnesses managed to help the passenger out before emergency crews arrived. He is in Townsville Hospital in a serious condition.

Sadly, the young driver couldn't be saved.

Superintendent District Officer Glenn Morris says investigations into who owns the car are underway, but police believe it was stolen from a Sarina home at around 4am.

"It's terrible - a young person has lost his life.

"Another young person who was in the vehicle with a friend has witnessed that occurring and is undergoing medical treatment himself, it's a very sad and very tragic event," Superintendent Morris says.

The Child Protection Investigation Unit is looking into the incident, while the Forensic Crash Unit remained on scene until midday.

Superintendent Morris say there was no police pursuit prior to the crash.

"There are dangerous consequences to actions particularly with motor vehicles, which perhaps are the most dangerous items we have in our community," he says.

Police are appealing for anyone with dash cam footage or any information to come forward.