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RACQ eyes road upgrades in state budget


Pushing through road upgrades and increased police presence are at the top of the RACQ's state budget wish list for the Far North.

Head of Public Policy Susan Furze says the government must prioritise projects aimed at improving road safety, given the state's horrific road toll.

“Sadly, we’re on track for one of the worst years for road deaths," Ms Furze says.

Eighteen people have been killed in the Northern police region alone since 1 January.

“Our members tell us a visible on road police presence is the most effective way to change driver behaviour and acts as a reminder of the Fatal Five.

“Safer roads also lead to fewer crashes and Townsville locals deserve to have good quality roads, that are well policed, to prevent further serious and fatal injuries.”

Ms Furze is encouraging the State Government to fast-track business cases and investment for local major projects, including those with federal funding allocations.

“We need the State Government to deliver its share of the money to improve safety, accessibility and the condition of our regional roads, so Queenslanders don’t have to wait any longer for much-needed transport upgrades.

“In particular, we want to see safety and flood immunity works on the Gregory Developmental Road and Flinders Highway and completion of dual lane sealing along the Hann Highway.

“There’s also a prime opportunity for the Government to take advantage of the $3 billion Federal Road Safety Program to fund and deliver low-cost, high-benefit upgrades to other high-risk State roads including Hervey’s Range Road and deliver intersection upgrades on the Bruce Highway at Shaw Road and North Shore Blvd, and at the Hugh Street / Woolcock Street intersection."