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Burdekin Falls Dam closes to campers for road upgrades


Burdekin Falls Dam will be closed to campers and recreational visitors for 10 days later this month while road upgrades are underway.

The closure will apply to the entire site, including camping grounds, lookouts and other facilities.

Signage is being erected at Ravenswood and Mingela to advise of the closure between April 19 and 30. 

Sunwater says the roadway around the dam is a frequently used asset and like any asset, requires maintenance.

In a press release, it says the upgrade works will ensure the road can withstand weather impacts and erosion, improve the conditions of the road for our contractors and visitors, and ensure access and transport around the site is safe.

"We understand Burdekin Falls Dam is a popular holiday destination and we have scheduled the works to avoid peak visitor periods including Easter school holidays and the winter months when camping is highly popular.

"We are also aware that many residents use the roads around the dam and traverse the spillway to travel to Collinsville throughout year.

"By conducting the works now while the spillway road is most likely to be closed, we have tried to minimise the disruption to residents."