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Ingham and Cardwell cop a drenching overnight


A weather system, expected to reek havoc across coastal parts of south-east Queensland today, is also bringing heavy rain to the north.

A Severe Weather Warning is in place from Hervey Bay down to the New South Wales border for Easter Monday, with damaging wind gusts, intense rainfall and life-threatening flash flooding possible.

Senior forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology Felim Hanniffy says there is some uncertainty surrounding how a trough, containing a developing low, will evolve over the next 24 hours.

"The low itself has remained east of Fraser Island overnight, so that has spared the coastline the heaviest rainfall totals," he says.

Lady Elliot Island, near where the low was hovering has seen the heaviest falls overnight, with 180mm recorded there.

However, Mr Hanniffy says the trough is also extending up north, enhancing shower activity in parts of the north-east tropics.

"We saw some isolated falls around Ingham and Cardwell of 100-120mm [overnight] as well.

"That whole, broad system iss creating quite a bit of cloud and shower activity across much of the east coast." 

The Bureau predicts showers are likely to stick around for the rest of the week across North Queensland, with some possible storms on the radar as well.