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Register to give blood at your local mosque


The Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) is partnering with the Australian Red Cross to encourage more people to donate blood.

The Australian Red Cross had been calling for more Queenslanders to roll up their sleeves and donate after a supply shortage due to a large number of cancellations.

Surgeon and AIMA advocate, Doctor Muhammad Ashraf hopes the partnership will help boost blood donations.

"The Australian Red Cross has done such a wonderful job in supplying the blood and blood products, and otherwise we would not have been able to save those patients," Dr Ashraf says.

From tomorrow, residents in Townsville can register at their local Mosque, to take part in the annual blood drive.

Dr Ashraf says muslims believe in charitable acts and giving blood helps a lot of people.

"This is a charity from the body ... giving blood is saving life," he says.

"As Allah says, if we have saved one life, it is as we have saved the whole of humanity."