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Homicide investigation, Ingham


A fatal stabbing at Ingham has been dismissed as a random attack.

Police say that around 11.30pm last night, a 20-year-old man was walking along Mcilwraith Street with two females aged 25 and 16, when a man approached the group.

An altercation has allegedly occurred between the two men, before the 20-year-old was stabbed in the stomach.

He was taken to Ingham Hospital in a critical condition, but later died.

Detective Inspector Chris Lawson says police have a identified a person of interest who is known to the women.

"We know who this person is as a person of interest, and we're seeking to speak to him in the very near future to establish what exactly has occurred," Det Insp Lawson says.

"We're still trying to establish exactly what acquaintance there is between the two male people."

Police have established two crime scenes, the area where the incident occurred and the skate park across the road.

Det Insp Lawson says the are still looking for the weapon used in the incident, but maintains that the community doesn't need to panic.

"At this point we are still searching the crime scene and trying to make those enquiries to establish where the weapon is," Det Insp Lawson says.

"It definitely wasn't a random attack and I don't think that there is someone out there in the community running around with a knife that we need to be concerned about."

Police are seeking anyone who may have any information or relevant CCTV or dash cam footage to contact them.