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Funeral funds misused by father


The father of a boy, killed in a fatal crash in Garbutt earlier this year, has been charged with fraud.

Police claim funds raised through GoFundMe to pay for the costs of the boy's funeral were misused.

It comes after a woman was charged earlier this week.

More than $7,000 had been donated.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Miles said the 31-year-old man lied about what the money was to be spent on.

"Indications at this stage were that he had intentions on purchasing a headstone sometime in the future," he said.

"However, the pattern in relation to the use of the money would suggest that was not actually the case."

Det Snr Sgt Miles explained what lead to the man's arrest.

"In this instance it was a matter of waiting until we had some more information in relation to the use of the money," he said.

"He came back into the Townsville area and was taken into custody upon his return."