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ATM drug debacle, Hyde Park


Police have charged a man after he allegedly deposited dangerous drugs into a Townsville ATM by mistake.

It will be alleged that around 6.20pm on May 27, a man deposited money into an ATM at a shopping centre in Hyde Park.

It is further alleged that among the notes was a small clip seal bag containing a quantity of cannabis which caused the ATM to jam and only deposit a portion of the money into his account.

The man then allegedly attended the bank and disputed the deposit amount, stating that not all the money went into his account.

Police conducted investigations and attended an address in Garrick Street, West End and spoke to the man.

The man allegedly admitted that he had a small clip seal bag of “weed” in his wallet at the time of depositing the money into the ATM.

A 29-year-old West End man is expected to appear in the Townsville Magistrates Court on August 11 on a charge of possess dangerous drugs.