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Cool conditions to continue


A powerful cold front has made its way to the Tropical North, bringing some of the chilliest conditions of the year.

Townsville dipped down to a low of 7°C, while Bowen and Ayr dropped to 5°C this morning.

Proserpine residents woke to a low of 3.1°C degrees and Woolshed, south of Townsville, dropped to 1.5°C.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosa Hoff said that cold air from New South Wales is pushing very far north into Queensland.

"It's starting as southerly, then spreading out to the east and west," Ms Hoff said.

"We are expecting it be all the way up the peninsula before the end of the week."

Ms Hoff also said it will take several days before conditions begin to warm up.

"Towns in the more northern areas of Queensland are likely to see these temperatures ease about the end of the weekend," she said.