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Call to fight crime on all fronts


Over 60 years of on the ground Police experience has led to a call for “drones” to be recruited as part of the response to Townsville’s crime epidemic.

Shadow Minister for Northern Queensland, Dale Last, and LNP Candidate for Mundingburra, Glenn Doyle, believe that, whilst Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) would not replace the dedicated Police helicopter that the LNP has committed to, they would be a great tool in tracking offenders on foot and in vehicles.

“There are currently 56 RPAS units in Brisbane yet the officer on the beat in Townsville doesn’t have access to those types of tools,” Mr Last said.

“Police Officers have their hands tied when it comes to vehicle pursuits as well so these aircraft could really bolster their ability to actually apprehend offenders,

“As I have said all along, if the South East can have dedicated aircraft to help bring offenders to justice then North Queensland deserves the same.”

Mr Doyle said that, while policing was becoming more difficult, the LNP wanted to empower Police Officers to do what they signed on to do; protect their communities.

“But Police Officers don’t give up, we are a determined group of people. The RPAS would not only give us another tool to help catch offenders, but they also provide the opportunity to gather more evidence to present in court,” he said.

“It is the responsibility of the Government of the day to ensure our police officers are equipped with all the tools and resources they need to do their job and if it’s good enough for Brisbane, it’s good enough for us in Townsville.”