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Bold Croc Snatches Turtle From Young Fisherman

A young fisherman has been taken by surprise, after a crocodile reportedly snuck up behind him and snatched a turtle he had been holding at The Strand on Saturday.  

Coree Summerville was at The Strand jetty when he saw something struggling in the water at around 2:00PM.  About 20 minutes later he realised it was a turtle floating on its back.

He waded into the water and grabbed hold of the struggling sea creature with the intention of bringing it back to shore with him.  But then a 2.5 metre crocodile "Came up and just smashed it out of my hands".  

Coree said he was "Freaking out".  He said there were witnesses, including a friend. 

He admitted that he went back into the water, grabbed the turtle and managed to drag it to shore.  

Coree told News Copr that he and his mates had noticed a dark shape further offshore earlier in the day but thought it was a shark.

Last year there were 57 reported crocodile sighting across the Townsville City Council’s area according to News Corp.

By Michelle Brewer