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Bakery Visited By Hugh Jackman During Filming Of 'Australia' Sells


Image Credit: Pixabay 

A Bowen bakery, frequented by Hugh Jackman and his family during the filming of the movie 'Australia', has sold. 

Jayne and Paddy O'Regan are selling Jochheim's Pies in Bowen so they can spend more time with their grandchildren.  

Jayne said it was just time to sell. She explained that she is 59 and her parents bought the bakery when she was just three years of age.

She and her husband Paddy bought the bakery off her parents in 1999.

"Now we've got like six grandsons and one granddaughter and one more on the way and we just feel like it's time, we need to go and spend time with them and be part of their lives.

Jayne reminisced about the time the hit movie 'Australia' was filmed there. She said "The movie was set on the back fence of the bakery", she added that they were "right in the middle of things".

"We'd have Hugh [Jackman] here with his kids and Deborah, the loveliest people, was just really really fun.

Jochheim's Pies sells a pie named the 'Jackman Special' in honour of Hugh. She said "It's a hunky Aussie beef pie and we have a star on top of it".

Jayne said because there isn't much to do in Bowen, Hugh's kids would head out the back of the bakery and practice rolling pastry or Hugh and Debra would stop by for a cup of coffee.

Jayne also recalled how Hugh signed for a delivery because none of the bakery staff were available. The Actor signed 'Hugh Jackman' and the "Fella looked at the docket and looked back up at him and looked back at the docket and he said 'I'm keeping that one' [she laughed] and he took it back to the girls in town and they couldn't believe it".

"When they shot the movie we had 800 head of cattle going past the bakery, like down the street [she laughed], it's crazy to think they can run a big lot of cattle just past your bakery.

Jayne said another 'standout moment' for her was that she and her husband had worked together since they purchased the bakery and hadn't got into a fight.

By Michelle Brewer