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Pet Owners Please Make Sure Your Pups Are Vaccinated


A Veterinarian is urging residents to make sure their dog is vaccinated against Parvo Virus.  

Parvo is a highly contagious viral illness that can be fatal.

Doctor Alistair Grant said the only way to prevent the disease is by vaccinating.  

"It is such an important cornerstone of preventative health in terms of the costs that we have to outlay for having pets, for those, it's really important to budget for those vaccinations, it's just critical for making sure that we do prevent our pets from getting these preventable diseases" he said.  

His call comes after a case of Parvo was found in Marian, in the Mackay region, where nine dogs, many of them puppies, could not be saved.

Doctor Grant said "as the temperature warms up and as the wet season tends to come in, we will see a spike in cases...and what that means with the length of time that the virus lives in the soil, is that it only takes a few dogs that aren't vaccinated then shed the virus and continue that cycle".

By Michelle Price