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Protestor Sentenced After Stopping Work At Townsville Company

Protesters outside a Townsville business.  Image Supplied: Frontline Action On Coal 

UPDATE | And anti-Adani protester has been ordered to do community service, after locking herself to the gates of Adani contractor, Iplex, in Townsville last month. 

Wendy Tubman has been sentenced to 40 hours community service according to 7 News.  

EARLIER | Two women have now been arrested after locking themselves to the gates of Adani contractor, Iplex, on Ingham Road in Townsville on Tuesday morning.

Jo Bulmer and Wendy Tubman, along with 25 climate change campaigners, are demanding that Iplex withdraw the tender it has submitted to supply pipes to Adani’s Carmichael coal project.

Iplex is a wholly owned division of Fletcher Building, Australia’s largest building materials supplier and is currently in the tender process for various pipelines in the Carmichael project, including pipes for dewatering.

One of the protesters locked to the front gate.  Image Supplied: Frontline Action On Coal 

In June this year the federal government was forced to reopen its assessment of Adani’s north Galilee water scheme on grounds that the department hadn’t properly considered public responses.

Fellow protester locked to the front gate.  Image Supplied: Frontline Action On Coal 

“Queensland farmers are already feeling the pain of a long drought and water insecurity and the Carmichael mine will suck up 12.5 Billion litres from Suttor river and Burdekin basin each year placing further pressure on precious water resources,” said Townsville resident Nicola Borellini.

“The Adani brand is toxic, this is a company with zero social license and not a company that any business should want to be associated with. Iplex involvement with the Carmichael project will not only damage Queensland’s water and climate, it will damage the reputation of Iplex and Fletcher Building who need to clearly rule out working with Adani,” said Wendy Tubman, Stop Adani campaigner from Magnetic Island.

Protestors outside a Townsville business.  Image Supplied: Frontline Action On Coal 

“The majority of Queensland residents do not support Adani. Iplex and Fletcher Building should respect the views of Queenslanders who don’t want this water and climate wrecking project to go ahead and clearly rule out involvement with the project.”

“Iplex should prioritise our water security, which is under direct threat from Adani’s mine. Queenslanders are desperate for water; you can see the concern etched on everybody’s faces here. Companies like Iplex should know that if they do business with Adani and actively compromise farmers that they will risk their reputation and become a focus of peaceful protest,” Borellini.

See vision of the action below.  

An Adani Australia spokesperson said “We don’t routinely discuss who our contractors and business partners are in order to protect these businesses from becoming the targets of activists".  

“Legitimate law-abiding businesses should be able to conduct their day-to-day business free of harassment.

“We think it is only reasonable that Australian companies and their employees are afforded the opportunity to go about their legal business without their livelihoods being threatened by activists.

“We are all for people having their say providing people do it respectful and legal manner. However these activists do not speak for everybody in the community, and it is un-Australian to have a minority group put businesses and their employees at risk when they deserve a fair go.

“After more than eight years of working on our project we have repeatedly demonstrated that we will not be intimidated or deterred from delivering on our promises to Queenslanders and we continue to get on with the construction of the Carmichael Project" the statement concluded.  

By Michelle Price