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Group Of Cyclists In Nasty Crash - One Critical

UPDATE | Senior Constable Dena Miller from the Townsville Forensic Crash Unit has provided an update on exactly what caused a group of cyclists to wind up in Townsville Hospital, one with critical injuries early Tuesday morning.  

She explained that the lead cyclist spotted the pig carcass and managed to manoeuvre around it safely but "subsequent cyclists have collided with the pig, resulting in several of the riders being injured".

"The most seriously injured has a serious head injury but he's in a critical but stable condition in hospital" she said.   It is believed he was thrown from his bike after hitting the carcass.  Three others were transported to hospital.  

Senior Constable Miller added that it would appear that the pig was recently killed.

Police also believe that the combination of the riders riding at dawn in dim light and the fact that the pig's skin was coloured black, contributed to the accident.

The Forensic Crash Unit has been examining evidence at the scene.  They have recovered lycra from the scene as part of their investigation and are examining blood, also found on the road.  

EARLIER | A group of cyclists has crashed in Stuart on Tuesday.  

Emergency crews were called to Port Access Road after a number of cyclists have crashed.

One person was initially taken to Townsville Hospital in a serious condition with a head injury, while another two patients with shoulder injuries and a fourth with abrasions were being assessed at the scene.  

Now a further three patients have been transported to Townsville Hospital.  

Dave Lowe from the Queensland Ambulance Service said four cyclists hit a dead pig that had been left lying on the road.

By Michelle Price