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Police presence to remain on the road



Queensland Police are wrapping up Phase 2 of their Easter Road safety campaign on Monday night and starting their Back to School operation.

During the Easter Period, Officers have been targeting high risk road user behaviour including the fatal five: speeding, fatigue, impaired driving (drink and drug), failure to wear a seat belt and distraction/inattention, in an effort to minimise road trauma. 

Despite their actions there have been four fatalities in Queensland since Good Friday and 106 people injured, which is up on 2018 figures. 

Police statistics also reveal close to ten-thousand have been people caught speeding.

"We've seen some people be real idiots on the road," Police Minister Mark Ryan said. 

"We've even seen people exceed the speed limit by 170 kilometres per hour in some places." 

Minister Ryan is asking locals to please make good decisions when hitting the road. 

"The roads will be busy, it will probably be a longer trip home, but please take your time and make sure you're not a fatality statistic."