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Mayor Jenny Hill Urges Locals To Get Behind The Suns

Mayor Jenny Hill and Suns Defender Harrison Wigg.  Image Supplied 

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill has kicked off ticket sales for the Gold Coast Suns AFL game against St Kilda at Riverway Stadium on June 15.

Cr Hill joined Gold Coast Suns defender Harrison Wigg at the Stadium on Monday.

Mayor Jenny Hill said "guys this is going to be a fantastic game, both teams are in the top eight, vying for the number one position at the moment".

She said the Suns have been playing "phenomenally well".

The Mayor is encouraging locals to head to Riverway Stadium for a "weekend of football".

She added "we despise anything south of the border so we should all get up, get our tickets and really give the St Kilda supporters a bit of hell".

Harrison Wigg said it was "exciting" to be playing in Townsville. He said playing in different regions is all about "growing the game".

He said he would love to see the Suns win in front of a big crowd.

Harrison said the plan for the side is to "start playing consistent footy for the rest of the year and be a contender to stay in the top eight for the rest of the year".

Mayor Hill said this is all part of Council's drive to see Townsville cemented as the events capital for northern Queensland and northern Australia.

"This also means that we can showcase this venue and our city to the...millions of people who do watch this sport all over Australia.

"We've got a great facility here in Riverway Stadium, we know that a lot of people love playing on this surface...and even for cricket, it's one of the best facilities in Australia.

"We would love to host more games, we would love to do more here and if we can get a crowd here, not just of locals but also people coming from Victoria to watch their Victorian club as well, it will make it easier for us to go to the AFL and say 'we want more in the north'" she said.

It's $26 for an adult and $52 for a family with up to four children.