Townsville named e-scooter capital of QLD

September 9, 2022 9:49 am in by


Townsville has been crowned the e-scooter capital of Queensland.

RACQ’s inaugural public transport survey has found that 18% of respondents have ridden a shared e-scooter in the past 12 months.

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Club spokesperson Tristan Vorias said shared e-scooters are the third most popular public transport option in Townsville, beaten only by ferries and buses.

“Out of the 10 local government areas we surveyed across the State, Townsville had the highest percentage of residents using shared e-scooters to get around,” Mr Vorias says.

“In comparison, only 12% of Brisbane residents and 5% of Gold Coast residents surveyed say they use shared e-scooters in the past 12 months.

“E-scooters were rolled out in Townsville less than two years ago, but already they’ve become a valued mode of transport for residents and tourists.”

Mr Vorias says the higher levels of e-scooter use in Townsville is possibly related to the low overall use of other forms of public transport in the city.

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“Only 55% of Townsville residents surveyed use public transport, and only 10% use it at least once per week,” he says.

“Locals say the main reasons they don’t use public transport are because they prefer to drive, it takes too long and there’s a lack of services.”


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