Stinger nets to return to Townsville beaches

October 27, 2022 6:39 am in by


More locals and visitors are expected to hit Townsville beaches, as the weather heats up.

It has prompted a message from lifeguards, with stinger season running from November to May in North Queensland waters.

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Stinger nets will start going up at local beaches next week.

Lifeguard Kye Yeavsley says they will be doing their best to keep us safe.

“Our lifeguards will carry vinegar with them at the beaches for first aid, they will also be dragging the beaches prior to opening the red and yellow flags, this gives us a sample of what jellyfish may be in the water,” he says.

Beachgoers are being urged to protect themselves in the water by wearing stinger suits or ensuring to swim inside netted areas.

Lifeguard Kye Yeavsley says what to do if you get stung.

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“Immediately seek medical advice, so go talk to the lifeguards on the beach,” he says.

“If you’re at an unpatrolled location, there are vinegar stations, you’re going to want to pour that over the stung area for 30 seconds.”


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