Free credits for e-scooter riders who complete ‘academy’ training

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Riders flagged for doing the wrong thing on Townsville’s e-scooters will now be sent targeted training modules to modify their behaviour and earn credits.

E-scooter operator Neuron Mobility says the interactive online ScootSafe Academy will be tailored to a person’s scooter offence in a bid to boost rider safety.

For example, those temporarily suspended or reported for unsafe riding or bad parking will be sent a warning, and also targeted training modules specific to their violation.

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Topics range from responsible parking, safe conduct and a master quiz to refresh their knowledge on the main dos and dont’s when riding with Neuron.


Those who complete the tasks will receive up to a $7 credit towards their future rides.

It follows research commissioned by Neuron Mobility that showed 57 per cent of people want more rider education to improve behaviour and safety.

In consultation with the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Neuron developed the ScootSafe Academy.

Neuron Mobility’s Richard Hannah says riders will benefit from access to educational videos, quizzes and games to help improve rider behaviour, and in turn, improve e-scooter and e-bike safety.

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“Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Neuron, and our new ScootSafe Academy is an exciting new way in which we are using technology to educate our new and existing riders,” Mr Hannah says.

“In an industry-first, the platform will also re-educate riders who have broken the rules by sending them bespoke training modules to help correct bad parking, dangerous riding or other violations.

“Neuron’s e-scooters and e-bikes have an excellent safety record and they are widely recognised for making a positive impact in the cities we operate in.

“However, we are always innovating to enhance rider safety, and that includes providing our riders with the very best safety education platform so they know how to use our vehicles in a safe and responsible way.”


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Images: Neuron Mobility


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