Archie & Bretz Camp Chair Challenge

Camp Chair Challenge
Camp Chair Challenge

They laughed. They cried. But most of all – they sat.

After more than 24 hours in camp chairs, Bretz showed the world that he was more full of sit – and won TIFF from JENSEN $1, 000.00 to spend on camping gear thanks to Motoco Rv – New Age Caravans & Avida Motorhomes Townsville!

As the clock struck the very-specific time of 7:42am Thursday, Power 100’s Archie & Bretz geared up to do what they do best – sit on their arses and achieve absolutely nothing. 

To keep the boys busy, there was a series of challenges to complete during the sit. Bretz horrified locals with his scrambled-egg of a body after losing the sleeping bag stuff – and stripping down to his DTs.

Archie lost the Best of 100 games of Scissors Paper Rock, and found himself on the receiving end of a red hot chilli pepper – not the band. 

Bretz was decked out in ski gear as 40-degree heat sizzled away, after failing to hit a can with a rock three times. 

But Archie’s failure to eat a dry Weet-Bix before Bretz was the most costly loss – as his squid-slapped face can tell you. 

It wasn’t just squids and chillis the boys had to handle – from prawn allergies, egg attacks, and birds with diaherra, Archie & Bretz battled it all – while carefully managing their bladders.

As the sun hit The Strand Friday morning, Bretz still had his one phone call to make. When a slithery surprise snuck up on Archie, facing his greatest fear was just too much. As Kong the snake wiggled on Archie, Archie’s butt wiggled out of the chair and handed Bretz the win.

The result may be controversial, but the smiles on Tiff and her boys’ faces made the whole ordeal worth the sit! 


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