How to set up your home office


Time spent working from home over the last few weeks has given us a new appreciation for the little things that make up a great workspace. Our traditional office is inhabited by a mixture of personalities (from the bright and bold beings to the quiet creatives) who decorate their spaces with the things they love.

Walk around our work building and you’ll see everything from music posters and movie memorabilia, to plants and even pinatas!

Right now though, some of that cool stuff is likely gathering dust when really, it’d be better used to brighten up our home workspaces during these crazy times. Because we don’t really know how long our work from home arrangements will need to last, why not settle in and put some effort into creating a more permanent workspace in your home?

We’ve got some tips to create a home office that will let your creativity and productivity shine!

Choose your space

A solid desk or table is a given, but if you’d prefer a standing desk, why not use a clear space on your kitchen counter? Wherever you choose, it should be positioned near a source of natural light. Setting up in front of a window will not only allow you to peek outside from time to time, but will keep you feeling fresh and energised from the sun.

Work with what you’ve already got at home. Feel free to change up the furniture in your lounge room to create your workspace, or even set up in a spare cupboard or walk-in wardrobe for added privacy. But no matter how cosy with X number of windows your bedroom is, never work from your bed! Your workspace should help you treat your work with respect. Besides, no one wants to see you in your pyjamas with dirty laundry on the floor during your next work video call. 

Get the right tools

Organising a reliable internet connection should be top of your list. You may be working on a laptop rather than a PC, but a mouse is recommended and proximity to a power-point for charging is essential. Other tools to consider; calendars and filing systems (either can be digital or physically near your desk), noise-cancelling headphones and notepads and pens.

Now, our bodies were not designed to sit throughout an entire workday so if you can’t stand, consider investing in equipment to avoid bad posture that in turn, leads to neck and back pain. For best posture when seated, your thighs and forearms should be parallel to the floor. Place a box under your laptop to raise the screen to eye level, and try out one of those weird-looking mesh office chairs with curved backs (they’re often called ‘ergonomic chairs’ and actually super supportive).


Like we said earlier, use whatever you need to make your home office look and feel similar to the usual office you know and love. We’re sure you’ve got family photos on hand, so set them up near your desk. Incorporate a small pot plant or piece of artwork to inspire your creativity. A great way to add some colour to your space is by using a fun coffee cup (since we know the coffee will be close at hand at all times).

And finally, most of us are new at working from home so if something about your home office isn’t working for you, then change it up!

Need some inspiration, check out some of our favourite #wfh setups!

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